Port Authority Pandemonium @ 23:00 ZuluTODAY!

Port Authority Pandemonium"Citation 5MW square your base to final, you're number 3 following an Archer turning a 5 mile final, additional traffic will depart prior to your arrival, wind 250 at 8, runway 27 cleared to land"

This is what happens when we staff Stewart for our Tower Thursday. Bring everything you got and expect minimum time on the runway cause we don't have many gates and you might get spun. Bada bing bada boom welcome to New Yawk!

As part of a semi-regular series known as Tower Tuesday/Thursday, we will staff a tower within ZNY every so often and ask you to jam it from all directions. Fly in IFR too, just to throw a wrench in the plans  ;D

Airport: KSWF
Date & Time: February 25th, 2021 from 6PM to 9PM Eastern (2300z - 0200z)


NDB Air was founded as a concept to return to the fundamentals of what makes a solid Virtual Airline. The airline was founded by a group of like-minded pilots who desired to return to basics, realizing that a Virtual Airline is more about the community created by its pilots rather than another iteration of a real-world airline

Rather than simulating a particular real-world airline, or airline alliance, NDB Air maintains a comprehensive online database of thousands of real-world routes. If you find a real-world route not currently in our database, simply provide us with a link to the route and we'll add it instantly! If charter is more your thing, such as a Biz Jet trip to your favorite sunny destination, we have that too! This provides a high level of flexibility of where, when, and what to fly throughout the world.

Whether it's a solo flight across the pond, group flight during an online event, or a couple of pilots exploring an area while flying VFR, the purpose of NDB Air is to provide a place to enjoy this wonderful hobby together with your fellow virtual pilots.

Above all else, NDB Air is about camaraderie, professionalism, a desire to learn and have fun together.

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CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight TimeDetails
NDB611Lance Williams  KHAF  KMRY 02-25-2021 00:23
NDB611Lance Williams  KRNT  KHAF 02-25-2021 01:45
NDB611Lance Williams  KORD  KGLR 02-25-2021 00:37
NDB611Lance Williams  KDEN  KORD 02-25-2021 01:37
NDB611Lance Williams  KSBA  KDEN 02-25-2021 01:43
NDB611Lance Williams  KSFO  KSBA 02-24-2021 00:46
NDB977John White  KJAC  KPWK 02-24-2021 02:10
NDB611Lance Williams  EGGP  EIDW 02-24-2021 00:30
NDB977John White  KEGE  KJAC 02-24-2021 01:00
NDB714Andrew Konnecke  KOAK  KTVL 02-24-2021 00:50


PilotFlightDepartureArrivalAircraft type
NDB303 Richard WalshAAL374   KDFW
Dallas Fort Worth International
Lambert St Louis International
Airbus A319

 Top 10 Butter of the Week

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB977John White  KCAR  KPQI 02-18-2021 -2.31 fpm
NDB977John White  KMKY  KESN 02-21-2021 -2.31 fpm
NDB611Lance Williams  KRNT  KHAF 02-25-2021 -6.15 fpm
NDB611Lance Williams  EGLC  EGGP 02-21-2021 -10.00 fpm
NDB977John White  KMMH  KCRQ 02-22-2021 -10.77 fpm
NDB977John White  KEPM  KMVM 02-19-2021 -14.61 fpm
NDB977John White  KFVE  KCAR 02-18-2021 -25.38 fpm
NDB977John White  KL35  KPOC 02-22-2021 -27.68 fpm
NDB977John White  KVGT  KMMH 02-22-2021 -41.52 fpm
NDB977John White  KJAC  KPWK 02-24-2021 -42.29 fpm

 Worst 5 Clunkers of the Week

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB714Andrew Konnecke  EGEW  EGEP 02-21-2021 -389.86 fpm
NDB303Richard Walsh  KBWI  KORD 02-20-2021 -239.14 fpm
NDB611Lance Williams  KHAF  KMRY 02-25-2021 -166.86 fpm
NDB303Richard Walsh  KCLT  KBWI 02-19-2021 -158.40 fpm
NDB611Lance Williams  EGGP  EIDW 02-24-2021 -156.10 fpm