Event NamePort Authority Pandemonium
Event Date02-25-2021
Start Time23:00 Zulu
Event Description

Port Authority Pandemonium"Citation 5MW square your base to final, you're number 3 following an Archer turning a 5 mile final, additional traffic will depart prior to your arrival, wind 250 at 8, runway 27 cleared to land"

This is what happens when we staff Stewart for our Tower Thursday. Bring everything you got and expect minimum time on the runway cause we don't have many gates and you might get spun. Bada bing bada boom welcome to New Yawk!

As part of a semi-regular series known as Tower Tuesday/Thursday, we will staff a tower within ZNY every so often and ask you to jam it from all directions. Fly in IFR too, just to throw a wrench in the plans  ;D

Airport: KSWF
Date & Time: February 25th, 2021 from 6PM to 9PM Eastern (2300z - 0200z)