Name: Dan Everette
Callsign: NDB832
Country: Afghanistan AF
City: See Attle
Location: KIAH US  George Bush Intercontinental Houston
Rank: some_text Command Captain
Register date: 04-02-2013
Next Promotion Date: 01-06-2018
# Flights for Promotion: 1268
# Hours for Promotion: 2805:36


Total flights: 1243
Total hours: 3988:06
Distance: 1,141 nm
Favorite Departure Airport KSEA (83 departures)
Favorite Arrival Airport KSEA (78 arrivals)
Favorite Aircraft: A320 (149 flights)
Best Greaser -215.31 fpm
Worst Clanker -215.31 fpm
Average Landing -215.31 fpm

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 01-27-2021  KIAH
George Bush Intercontinental Houston
San Diego International
 03:06 1141 Regular -


 Pilot Statistics

Total Flights 1 Total Hours 3988:06
Distance 1141 NM Regular Flights 1
Charter Flights 0 % Regular 100.00 %
Manual Reports 0 FSKeeper Reports 0
FSAcars Reports 0 Simacars Reports 1
Average Flight Length 03:06 Average Flight Distance 1,141.00 NM
Average Landing v/s -215.31 ft/min Flights in the last 30 Days 0

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Club 49 Tour AwardCongratulations on completing the Boeing Tour!MOCHA HAGoTDI Dude!Congratulations on getting Lei'd Dan!The Founder Award is awarded to those members who helped establish NDB Air in 2013.
Congratulations on doing it Bush Style big guy!You some how completed this tour Rumming Around the Caribbean!It's Scary that you completed this Tour Dan!