Name: Matt Bromback
Callsign: NDB984
Country: United States US
City: Louisville
Location: MMMX MX  Licenciado Benito Juarez International
Rank: some_text First Officer
Register date: 03-19-2021
Next Promotion Date: 04-19-2021
# Flights for Promotion: 50
# Hours for Promotion: 100:00


Total flights: 8
Total hours: 58:46
Distance: 3,575 nm
Favorite Departure Airport KASE (1 departures)
Favorite Arrival Airport K46U (1 arrivals)
Favorite Aircraft: A320 (3 flights)
Best Greaser -95.35 fpm
Worst Clanker -383.7 fpm
Average Landing -218.38 fpm

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 06-30-2022  MMMY
General Mariano Escobedo International
Licenciado Benito Juarez International
 01:01 446 Regular - VIV1143
 06-28-2022  MMSD
Los Cabos International
General Mariano Escobedo International
 01:26 632 Regular - VIV4335
 06-28-2022  KSAN
San Diego International
Los Cabos International
 01:40 738 Regular - SWA1213
 10-21-2021  EHAM
Amsterdam Schiphol
Frankfurt am Main International
 00:37 227 Regular - DLH989
 10-21-2021  EGLL
London Heathrow
Amsterdam Schiphol
 00:43 243 Regular - BAW444
 10-19-2021  KHPN
Westchester County
Martha's Vineyard
 00:27 155 Charter
 07-15-2021  KATL
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International
Westchester County
 01:55 812 Regular - DAL330
 04-02-2021  KASE
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field
 00:54 322 Charter


 Pilot Statistics

Total Flights 8 Total Hours 58:46
Distance 3575 NM Regular Flights 6
Charter Flights 2 % Regular 75.00 %
Manual Reports 0 FSKeeper Reports 0
FSAcars Reports 0 Simacars Reports 8
Average Flight Length 01:05 Average Flight Distance 446.88 NM
Average Landing v/s -218.38 ft/min Flights in the last 30 Days 0

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