Event NameFriday Night Flights
Event Date02-26-2021
Start Time23:59 Zulu
Event Description

Friday Night FlightsIt's Friday night! Let's do something fun, shall we? Friday Night = Friday Night Flights (FNF)!

The goal of FNF is for everyone to fly into a selected airport near the focus field for VATUSA's FNO! An arrival time will be posted each week along with the FNF arrival field and your goal is to fly anything you wish from anywhere you chose, arriving as closely as you can to the listed arrival time. If you are in the mood for some low and slow, take out that prop and join us. In the mood for something larger, pull that bizjet out of the hanger and we'll see you there. Depending on the field size, you can even fly your favorite airliner in.

Pilot's participating are asked to insert www.ndbair.com (delete the useless Simbrief crap that is inserted automatically into the comments field if using it) into their comments and fly using ACARS so you show on the home page.

San Francisco Friday Night Flights Information:

Date: Friday, February 26, 2021
Arrival Airport: KHAF - Half Moon Bay (non-towered field - 9nm southwest of FNO focus airport - KSFO)
Arrival Time: 0230z (9:30 PM EST)

I hope to see as many as possible arriving around 0230 zulu on Friday, February 26th.