AirlineFlight #PilotDepartureArrivalStageAircraftAltitudeGS% CompletedTo Go
UPS9606   KBOS   KSDF A306 CRUISE 33,904 feet 404 kts 53% 342%
 (C) = Charter Flight


NDB Air was founded as a concept to return to the fundamentals of what makes a solid Virtual Airline. The airline was founded by a group of like-minded pilots who desired to return to basics, realizing that a Virtual Airline is more about the community created by its pilots rather than another iteration of a real-world airline

Rather than simulating a particular real-world airline, or airline alliance, NDB Air maintains a comprehensive online database of thousands of real-world routes. If you find a real-world route not currently in our database, simply provide us with a link to the route and we'll add it instantly! If charter is more your thing, such as a Biz Jet trip to your favorite sunny destination, we have that too! This provides a high level of flexibility of where, when, and what to fly throughout the world.

Whether it's a solo flight across the pond, group flight during an online event, or a couple of pilots exploring an area while flying VFR, the purpose of NDB Air is to provide a place to enjoy this wonderful hobby together with your fellow virtual pilots.

Above all else, NDB Air is about camaraderie, professionalism, a desire to learn and have fun together.

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CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight TimeDetails
NDB469Don D. KBNA  KATL 11-26-2022 00:35
NDB611Lance W. FTTJ  FEFF 11-26-2022 01:14
NDB303Richard W. KCLT  KORD 11-26-2022 01:29
NDB252Shawn S. KPDX  KSAN 11-26-2022 01:57
NDB611Lance W. K1S1  CYRV 11-26-2022 01:18
NDB107Brian S. TTPP  SVMI 11-26-2022 01:00
NDB252Shawn S. SYEC  TTPP 11-26-2022 00:51
NDB107Brian S. SYEC  TTPP 11-26-2022 00:48
NDB732Tom K. KMSP  KDTW 11-26-2022 01:33
NDB977John W. KSDF  KBOS 11-26-2022 01:45


NDB614 Robert Z.Southwest Airlines SWA54 KLAX
Los Angeles International
Phoenix Sky Harbor International
NDB107 Brian S.NDB Air NDB11040 SVMI
Maiquetía (Simón Bolívar Internacional)
Hato International
NDB107 Brian S.NDB Air NDB11041 TNCC
Hato International
Queen Beatrix International
NDB977 John W.UPS UPS9606 KBOS
General Edward Lawrence Logan International
Louisville International Standiford Field

 Top 10 Butter of the Week

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB611Lance W. FTTJ FEFF 11-26-2022 -42.29 fpm
NDB977John W. KPHL KORD 11-21-2022 -66.13 fpm
NDB469Don D. KBNA KATL 11-26-2022 -66.13 fpm
NDB732Tom K. EDDB LOWI 11-20-2022 -68.44 fpm
NDB977John W. KSDF KSYR 11-23-2022 -75.36 fpm
NDB977John W. ZHHH VHHX 11-23-2022 -76.13 fpm
NDB303Richard W. KPHX KDFW 11-20-2022 -78.43 fpm
NDB303Richard W. KCLT KPVD 11-25-2022 -83.05 fpm
NDB977John W. KPHL KORD 11-24-2022 -83.82 fpm
NDB611Lance W. KMEM KDFW 11-25-2022 -86.89 fpm

 Worst 5 Clunkers in the past Month

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB611Lance W. KDEN KDFW 11-25-2022 -12,821.40 fpm
NDB252Shawn S. TAPA TDCF 11-08-2022 -629.77 fpm
NDB611Lance W. KCLE KBDL 11-19-2022 -601.32 fpm
NDB732Tom K. LPMA LPPR 11-14-2022 -569.02 fpm
NDB252Shawn S. KSEA KSNA 11-12-2022 -565.94 fpm