NDB Air was founded as a concept to return to the fundamentals of what makes a solid Virtual Airline. The airline was founded by a group of like-minded pilots who desired to return to basics, realizing that a Virtual Airline is more about the community created by its pilots rather than another iteration of a real-world airline

Rather than simulating a particular real-world airline, or airline alliance, NDB Air maintains a comprehensive online database of thousands of real-world routes. If you find a real-world route not currently in our database, simply provide us with a link to the route and we'll add it instantly! If charter is more your thing, such as a Biz Jet trip to your favorite sunny destination, we have that too! This provides a high level of flexibility of where, when, and what to fly throughout the world.

Whether it's a solo flight across the pond, group flight during an online event, or a couple of pilots exploring an area while flying VFR, the purpose of NDB Air is to provide a place to enjoy this wonderful hobby together with your fellow virtual pilots.

Above all else, NDB Air is about camaraderie, professionalism, a desire to learn and have fun together.

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CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight TimeDetails
NDB977John White  EGLL  KORD 06-15-2021 07:06
NDB303Richard Walsh  KPHX  KDFW 06-14-2021 01:48
NDB977John White  HECA  LGAV 06-14-2021 02:02
NDB977John White  OMDB  HECA 06-13-2021 04:41
NDB611Lance Williams  KSNA  KPHX 06-13-2021 00:57
NDB611Lance Williams  KLAS  KSNA 06-13-2021 00:40
NDB611Lance Williams  KSLC  KLAS 06-13-2021 00:56
NDB977John White  RJAA  EGLL 06-13-2021 14:15
NDB977John White  VABB  OMDB 06-13-2021 03:25
NDB611Lance Williams  KBWI  KSLC 06-12-2021 03:48


PilotFlightDepartureArrivalAircraft type
NDB732 Tom KoczkodanSWA200   KAUS
Austin Bergstrom International
Tampa International
Boeing 737-700

 Top 10 Butter of the Week

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB977John White  VTBD  VECC 06-12-2021 -16.15 fpm
NDB977John White  OMDB  HECA 06-13-2021 -20.76 fpm
NDB107Brian Schwark  KDCA  KBXM 06-09-2021 -30.76 fpm
NDB977John White  VECC  VABB 06-12-2021 -43.83 fpm
NDB977John White  HECA  LGAV 06-14-2021 -44.60 fpm
NDB107Brian Schwark  KBWI  KTEB 06-12-2021 -46.14 fpm
NDB977John White  VABB  OMDB 06-13-2021 -48.44 fpm
NDB107Brian Schwark  KFLL  KDCA 06-09-2021 -53.06 fpm
NDB977John White  KDFW  KORD 06-12-2021 -62.28 fpm
NDB977John White  KHYA  KMVY 06-10-2021 -78.43 fpm

 Worst 5 Clunkers in the past Month

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateLanding RateDetails
NDB469Don Desfosse  OMDB  KSFO 05-29-2021 -684.36 fpm
NDB105Nicola Felini  PHLI  KPDX 05-29-2021 -599.78 fpm
NDB732Tom Koczkodan  KORD  KDSM 05-31-2021 -599.78 fpm
NDB732Tom Koczkodan  KPWM  KPHL 05-22-2021 -400.62 fpm
NDB732Tom Koczkodan  KSAV  KPVD 05-23-2021 -371.40 fpm