Don Desfosse


Don has been simming since 1985, flying real world since 1990, and currently holds FAA ATP certifications in Airplane Single and Multiengine Land and Single Engine Sea, and is also an FAA Instrument Flight Instructor in Singe and Multiengine Airplanes.  Before he got married and had kids, he used to fly charters, fly and teach air search and rescue and flight instruct, usually seven days a week.  Since the kids, though, seven days a year would be a lot, so he's returned to the sim world to keep his head in the aviation game.  Don joined VATSIM in 2007 where Dan taught him how to be an Air Traffic Controller; now Don is the Division Director of the entire VATUSA Division, leading 22 ARTCCs and over 1000 air traffic controllers.  Despite his family and a challenging job, he makes a point of pouring a tall glass or four of his favorite beverage of the day and flying during the VATUSA FNO just about every single week.

Dan Everette


Dan started simming in the 80's in the Sub-Logic days on an Apple IIc. On and off over the years until 2001-2002 timeframe when he got more involved. Having spent a lot of time on both sides of the scope on VATSIM and a  pilot with PilotEdge since the Beta days, he’s currently just biding his time until retirement. Then comes a house and the ability to unpack his Flight Deck Solutions 737MIP and finish out the home cockpit build.

Outside of the sim, Dan's an active duty military officer (over 20 years) who has a Master's in Electrical Engineering and over 9 years spent at sea. Holding an FAA Commercial Pilot's certificate for ASEL and AMEL with  over 600 hours, he&rsquo;s an active CFI, CFII, and MEI.<br />

Dan started NDBAir due to a lack of what he thought was a quality VA. 

Chris Smith


As well as being a founder Chris currently pays all the bills to keep this site going, so be nice to Smiffy!

Richie Walsh


Richie has been simming since '85 when he got an Atari 8 bit PC that required you change floppy disks while on approach. Richie loves flying and shiny things. Shiny flying things are his favorite.

John White


John is a very humble man and wishes not to discuss his amazing contributions to NDBAir.

Lance Williams


Lance has been around the flight simulation world since it started however, he truly began to dive into it beginning in the early 2000's when online flying was starting to take off. Among his many roles in VA management, his most fulfilling and enjoyable has to be the creation and management of VCAir starting in 2003. VCAir pioneered TGIF - - a weekly VA group flight into a selected airport. TGIF grew so much that it is now run by VATUSA and called Friday Night Ops (FNO) on the VATSIM network. Lance took a few years off from flight simming to pursue absolutely nothing of value and he's damn proud of that, but damnder proud to be back in the business, helping create NDB Air as well as run the website.